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Ideální jako dárek nebo jen tak pro sebe na památku.
Levně, rychle, jednoduše.


20 fotek, 19.9.2012, 9 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Brand new apartment, in a great area...main road with a lot of modern places.
19 fotek, 19.9.2012, 5 zobrazení, přidat komentář
The duplex itself is very nice. Might be a bit confusing because there are still people living in there but it has a good propotiones. Can be bought with all the furniture. I didn´t like the area very much, I mean the street. The entrance to the flat is from the street (same as at the flat Creu dels Mores but the area is nicer) which is a bit rare.
21 fotek, 18.9.2012, 7 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Nice building and community hall. The flat is very spacious (100m2) and classical. Without the furniture. Probably not the best choice but the agent told me it´s a really good deal.
23 fotek, 18.9.2012, 17 zobrazení, přidat komentář
This flat is an amazing option, very big (cca 100 m2), spacious...the price is a bit higher but there´s possibility of negotion. Can be bought with all the furniture. 3 bedrooms, patio outside, upstairs space (office). All new and modern. The rent could go up to 900 EUR. There are still people living in there, so don´t pay attention to the toys and so! :-)
21 fotek, 18.9.2012, 18 zobrazení, přidat komentář
It´s nice clean apartament but small...only one bedroom. The plus is they are building a new community hall...new stairs etc., so it seems very dusty in the pictures. There is just a little problem with the floor, one piece needs to be changed. Comes with all the furniture.
25 fotek, 18.9.2012, 9 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Very nice modern apartment, spacious, with the furniture. But there is a big problem with the floor...scratches all over the flat.
30 fotek, 18.9.2012, 10 zobrazení, přidat komentář
There is a small problem with the floor - scratches in the living room (could be covered by a carpet). Two very small bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen as well. The community hall is in a very bad condition as you can see in the picture.


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