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20 fotek, 19.9.2012, 16 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Brand new apartment, in a great area...main road with a lot of modern places.
19 fotek, 19.9.2012, 10 zobrazení, přidat komentář
The duplex itself is very nice. Might be a bit confusing because there are still people living in there but it has a good propotiones. Can be bought with all the furniture. I didn´t like the area very much, I mean the street. The entrance to the flat is from the street (same as at the flat Creu dels Mores but the area is nicer) which is a bit rare.
21 fotek, 18.9.2012, 12 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Nice building and community hall. The flat is very spacious (100m2) and classical. Without the furniture. Probably not the best choice but the agent told me it´s a really good deal.
23 fotek, 18.9.2012, 24 zobrazení, přidat komentář
This flat is an amazing option, very big (cca 100 m2), spacious...the price is a bit higher but there´s possibility of negotion. Can be bought with all the furniture. 3 bedrooms, patio outside, upstairs space (office). All new and modern. The rent could go up to 900 EUR. There are still people living in there, so don´t pay attention to the toys and so! :-)
21 fotek, 18.9.2012, 23 zobrazení, přidat komentář
It´s nice clean apartament but small...only one bedroom. The plus is they are building a new community stairs etc., so it seems very dusty in the pictures. There is just a little problem with the floor, one piece needs to be changed. Comes with all the furniture.
25 fotek, 18.9.2012, 15 zobrazení, přidat komentář
Very nice modern apartment, spacious, with the furniture. But there is a big problem with the floor...scratches all over the flat.
30 fotek, 18.9.2012, 18 zobrazení, přidat komentář
There is a small problem with the floor - scratches in the living room (could be covered by a carpet). Two very small bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen as well. The community hall is in a very bad condition as you can see in the picture.


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